Fairwell Guatemala, Hello Thailand

Sorry for the long delay! These last few weeks have been very crazy. First, I had to say a final goodbye to Tecpan and my amazing host family. After that, I spent a week with my group traveling around the country to Semuc Champey, a nature reserve of sorts with beautiful natural pools and waterfalls as well as plenty of hiking. After that, we traveled further north to Tikal, one of the largest ancient Mayan cities, to see the temples and learn more about Mayan civilization. After that we traveled to Flores, a beautiful lake island. We had a few days there to relax by the water decompressing from our homestays and farming.

After that began a long few days of traveling. First, we left Flores for Guatemala city, which took us about 10 hours by bus. The next morning (if you can call 4 a.m. morning) we got up and headed off to the Guatemala airport to fly to LAX, then from LAX to Seoul, South Korea, to Singapore, to Bangkok, to Nan, the city we will be living and working in over the next seven weeks.

It was really hard saying goodbye to Guatemala. Going to our favorite cafes and our homebase, where we have our seminars for the last time was sadder than I expected. Without realizing it completely consciously, we had created real homes for ourselves in that small city up in the mountains. And of course, what is a home without a family. Our homestays were perhaps the most impactful part of Guatemala and consequently were the most difficult goodbyes. At my homestay, there were ten of us, so I guess you could call it a full house. But they welcomed us in, fed us, spent countless hours around the kitchen table talking and laughing with us. For that, I'll be forever thankful for them.

I'll be writing my next blog post soon about all of my first impressions of Thailand (let me give you a hint: the food is all that I wanted it to be and more). We just moved into our new homestays here and Thailand and are beginning our education unit, spending our mornings working at schools here helping english teachers prepare lessons for high school students. Can't wait to tell you all about it!


  1. Proud of you for creating such an impactful and memorable experience in Guatemala! Can’t wait to see what adventures Thailand brings you :)


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